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Eastern Scheldt Storm Surge Barrier

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NYT Front Page

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Most-read JAMC article in 2016-2017

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Other Writing

Environmental policy change

A probabilistic framework for homeowner flood insurance cost-benefit analysis under rising seas (Paper for CEE 460 at Princeton University; May 2016) PDF

A flood of attention: the rise and fall of the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act (Paper for WWS 521 at Princeton University; January 2016) PDF

Does divided government matter? The Clean Air Act and the Keystone XL Pipeline (Paper for WWS 521 at Princeton University; October 2015) PDF

WRF-ARW wind energy wake study

In the wake of the wind: Can wind turbine parameterizations in WRF improve estimates of power production by future offshore wind farms in California? (Project for ATM 270B at University of California-Davis; March 2013) PDF

Regional aerosol climate forcing review

Regional climate response to changes in U.S. aerosol pollution: a review (Project for CEE 289A at University of California-Davis; June 2012) PDF